Link with Purpose: Gifts for plant lovers and how to train your vines

Succulent arrangement in clogs - Photo by Mickey Gast

A short guide to what we’ve been reading about plants this week.

To listen. Here’s a short podcast with instructions about how to transition your plants indoors >> this way

To feel inspired. Yes, we’re going there already! Here are some Christmas-ready plants that can make the holidays more festive >> this way

To learn. How to train your vine – whether it’s an ivy, an aroid, or good ole’ fashioned pothos >> this way

To gift. Here are a few ideas for gifts for your plant-loving friends. Most of the gifts come from small businesses >> this way

To admire. Wood bee hives by Mexico-based design studio MaliArts to help house solitary bees in urban areas >> this way

To inquire. Can plants show us what will happen when the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases? >> this way

Photo: Succulents in Clogs by Mickey Gast for Green with Purpose.

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