Link with Purpose: Exercising in the garden, the oldest tree in Europe, an avocado love story

Henri Matisse and monstera plant

Henri Matisse and monstera plant

A short guide to what we’ve been reading about plants this week.

To read. A historian’s take on why we associate female nurturing with gardens. This view goes back to the way ideas about gender and work changed in the mid-nineteenth century with the rise of “parlor gardening” >> this way

To learn. How to exercise and prepare your body for physical activity in the garden >> this way

To stroll. Away from the humdrum and buzz of traffic in the city of Cologne/Koln and into this paradise for dahlia aficionados >> this way

In awe. The oldest tree in Europe, a venerable 1,230-year-old Heldreich’s pine, is going through a growth spurt >> this way

In praise of creativity. The Pits – A New York romantic comedy about an avocado looking for its half. It’s about three minutes long, coincidentally the optimal peak avocado time – that sweet surrender between unripe and brown >> this way

Photo of Henri Matisse and his monstera plant from Succession Henri Matisse/DACS 2014, courtesy Henri Matisse Archive via Tate

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