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26 Ideas for Gifts for Plant Lovers



Dear houseplant aficionado, has this ever happened to you?

About a week before your birthday (or Christmas), you get a call from your beloved friend to ask what you want for said special occasion. We live in a post-Konmari world, of course, so your friends know better than to buy you any old trinket.

Let’s imagine the conversation goes like a little bit like this:

Friend: So what do you want for your birthday?

You: Oh, nothing in particular. I really don’t need anything.

Friend: C’mon, since we’re going out for watery margaritas, I really want to get you something.

You: Oh, if you really want to, you can get me a houseplant.

Friend (rolling their eyes): Not another one! You have so many plants already.

You: Duh, that’s the point.

[some amount of eye rolling might still be going on, but you do your best to ignore it]

The conversation may or may not unfurl like this, but it’s usually along the lines of you saying a houseplant would be a nice present for [insert special occasion here] and the other person thinking you don’t neeeeed another one.

Whether you’re the gift recipient, or the person who insists on buying a gift that doesn’t come in dirt, here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to excite your green-thumbed friends. (Well, we don’t really guarantee anything, you know your friend better than we do, we hope.)

Small gift: a ticket to a botanical garden

Larger gift: a membership to a botanical garden


Small gift: a macrame pot hanger

Larger gift: a how-to make macrame workshop (preferably one that you could attend together).


Small gift: a botanical illustration

Larger gift: a botanical illustration, framed and matted

Pilea Watercolor painting_from Home by Faith on Etsy

Pilea watercolor illustration from Home by Faith

Small gift: a second-hand or vintage flower pot

Larger gift: a pottery class


Small gift: a set of botanical temp tattoos

Larger gift: a real plant tattoo, if your friend is thinking of getting one.

Monstera tatto from_tattly_design by vincent_jeannerot

Temporary tattoo from Tattly – designed by Vincent Jeannerot

Small gift: herb seeds

Larger gift: a planter full of kitchen herbs


Small gift: a book about houseplant

Larger gift: a fancy coffee table book about houseplants


Small gift: a glass vessel for a terrarium

Larger gift: a jarred coffee plant

Small gift: a seed bomb

Larger gift: accompany your friend somewhere you can do some guerilla planting


Small gift: a vintage watering can

Larger gift: a copper watering can


Copper watering can from Haws.

Small gift: a vintage vessel they could use as a propagation station

Larger gift: a fancy bamboo propagation station


Small gift: a hanging planter basket

Larger gift: a small plant shelf


Small gift: a herbarium or a plant journal

Larger gift: a trip to a nature park where your friend can start collecting specimens to add to the herbarium.


Pikaplant Jar from Pikaplant

Jar coffee plant from Pikaplant


There you go, we hope we got you out of that gift-giving pickle. Oh, pickles are also excellent gifts!

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