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An Artful Display of Houseplants from Studio Hali-Ann Tooms

Airplant table-top display (white) from Studio Hali-Ann Tooms

Airplant hangers by Studio Hali-Ann Tooms

As a plant lover and an art museum aficionado, I can’t help but draw the parallel between these two hobbies of mine. They both elicit the same kind of quiet admiration. The anticipation that takes over when I watch the slow unfurling of a new leaf is not far removed from the feeling of awe when I first rest my eyes on a painted canvas.

And I’d like to believe that most plant lover identify with at least some of these feelings.

Part of what brings art into perspective (literally) is how it is displayed. And the same can be said about houseplants. The designers behind Studio Hali-Ann Tooms seem to understand this intuitively.

The Copenhagen-based design studio released a collection of houseplant display home accessories that are luxurious in their minimalism while still managing to remain affordable. The stripped down shape of the holders helps bring to the forefront the special beauty of each plant. You can buy the handmande brass holders together with an airplant of your choice.

And if you want to switch it up a bit, and bring your airplant closer to the ground, the tabletop holder made of powder coated steel is an excellent addition to any desk.

For a list of retailers carrying these holders, click this way.

All images via Studio Hali-Ann Tooms and their Instagram account (which you should definitely follow if you’re a fan of airplant displays).

Airplant table-top display (white) from Studio Hali-Ann Tooms

Airplant display from Studio Hali-Ann Tooms (T.silver)

T.diagutensis in an Airplant hanger from Studio Hali-Ann Tooms

Airplant teracotta display from Studio Hali-Ann ToomsAirplant table-top display from Studio Hali-Ann Tooms


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