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Wood Eco Plant Hanger by Dutch Design Studio All the Things You Like

EkoPlantHanger Designs - Dutch Design

What do you get if you blend the clean lines of Scandinavian design with the quirky sleekness of Dutch design?

Exhibit A: This elegant and streamlined plant hanger that plays with perspective.

The wood eco-plant hanger is designed and sold by All Things We Like, a Dutch eco-design label that focuses on playful and unique sustainable products. The entire plant hanger collection is inspired by midcentury Scandinavian design, but skillfully crafted with the help of modern techniques such as lasercutting.

With an eye towards sustainability standards, designer Janneke van der Heijden and her team use FSC-certified wood, and partner with local craftsmen and social enterprises to produce their items as locally as possible.

You can also buy a variety of porcelain flower pots from the same store.

The Utrecht-based studio believes in fair and honest design that inspires fun and sustainable choices.

In 2011, the design studio started with a line of wooden lasercut necklaces which quickly sold out and paved the way for creating more products out of wood, organic cotton, ceramics and biopaper. Nowadays, their products are sold in the trendiest concept stores in Europe and in their online store.

EkoPlantHanger - Dutch Design

EkoPlantHanger Diamond - Dutch Design

EkoPlantHanger Half_Rond - Dutch Design

EkoPlantHanger Round - Dutch Design


All photos via All Things We Like

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