Self-watering Terracotta Planter from Scandinavian Brand Northern

Oasis self-watering pot by Ann Kristin Einarsen on Green with Purpose

We’re quite obsessed with self-watering planters around here.

Exhibit A – Livana, the self-irrigating planter

Exhibit B – Boskke sky planter

They’re easy to work with, practical to upkeep, and just make a lot of sense when it comes to letting plants take as much water as they need from the planter.

And here’s one that is combined with another one of our obsessions: the elegant yet down-to-earth terracotta. Inspired by the nature surrounding her native Narvik, Norwegian artist Ann Kristin Einarsen designed the Oasis two-toned terracotta planter as a reflection of the beauty of the natural world.

The planter is made of two interlocking containers, with the one on the bottom acting as a stable base and integrated reservoir.

Here’s how the Oasis works: you add water to the terracotta base from the side – either using a watering can or a just a bottle; it’s a simple process, and due to the spout, it doesn’t require moving anything. The bottom container is glazed, which means the water will be retained inside it. However, the top container is not glazed, which makes it porous and absorbent. The water is absorbed by the top container from the bottom container, according to the needs of the plant.

The bases come in green, white and dark brown, highlighting the earth tones of the top terracotta container as they come together in a subtle blend of tones.

This type of container is perfect for plants that need to keep constant humidity (yet are prone to suffering from overwatering and root rot), such as ponytail palm trees, peace lilies and some types of ferns.

Oasis self-watering flower pot designed by Ann Kristin Einarsen

Oasis self-watering pot by Ann Kristin Einarsen 3

Oasis self-watering container by Northern

Photos via Northern