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Voltasol the Flower Pot that Rotates towards the Sun


Voltasol flower pot mint by We Are Living Things

Can you imagine a rolling flower pot? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe when you’ve accidentally knocked one over when you were vacuuming. (Just me?)

What we’re talking about today is something a little bit more sophisticated than that. The Voltasol flower pot has been especially designed to move according to the direction of the sun.

Why is the sun so important?

If you’ve ever cared for a houseplant, you already know that they’re major light chasers because they get the energy they need for photosynthesis from sunlight.

I once had a purple heart plant (Setcreasea pallida) that craved the sun so much, it almost twisted itself around a bookshelf just to get closer to the window. And when plants put their energy into chasing the light, they often don’t have enough energy left to grow in any other direction. Plants lacking light will often end up leggy and frail.

Ideally, you want to rotate your plants every month to make sure their growth is even and not lopsided, but that’s just one more thing that I’m not keen to add to my to-do list.

Back to the Voltasol planter – it’s designed to rotate easily, either spontaneously as the plant leans over, or if given a gentle nudge. Voltasol comes in pleasant color combinations of terracotta top and mint, peach, white or yellow bottom – mirroring the shades of summer in the Bisbal d’Empordà, where the pieces are made.

The planter is designed by BAG Disseny studio, a project started by Sandra Compte and Xavier Mora. The studio is based in Barcelona, Girona and Andorra.

The planter has already won multiple awards and has become the darling of the design fairs all over the world.

You can buy all four sizes of the planter from Living Things

Voltasol flower pot by We Are Living Things

ZZ plant in Voltasol flower pot by We Are Living Things

Voltasol flower pot sizes by We Are Living Things

Voltasol flower pot centerpiece (by We Are Living Things)

Voltasol flower pot pink (by We Are Living Things)

Voltasol flower pot by We Are Living Things

All photos via We Are Living Things.

To buy the Voltasol flower pot, head over >> this way

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