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Shinai, the Minimalist Hanger that Grows with Your Plant

Shinai, the Minimalist Hanger that Grows with Your Plants by Miwitipee


minimalist plant hanger

Let’s do a quick creativity exercise. If I gave you three pieces of solid oak and a roll of twine, what would you create?

It’s not a lot to go off, but that’s where the imagination of designer Julia Ravelomanantsoa and her dad, Marc, comes into play. The father-daughter team are the designers behind the French brand Miwitipee, and the creators of the Shinai plant hanger.

What we like about the the Shinai planter is that it grows with your plant. Oftentimes, when our plants thrive, we have to repot them to larger containers. And then we have to work out a game of flower pot musical chairs until plants, hangers and containers match in size again.

However, due to the flexible nature of the wood, the Shinai plant hanger adapts perfectly to pots up to 12 centimeters in diameter, for the small version, and 16 cm for the large version.

minimalist plant hanger

The Shinai planter is designed and manufactured in Toulouse, France, by a family-owned studio. The daughter-father team behind Miwitipee pay special attention to eco-friendly practices. The wood that they use is PEFC-certified solid oak – PEFC is the world’s leading certification dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. True to the zero-waste credo of the design studio, you can plant the seeded paper labels that comes with the products and you’ll get a beautiful wildflower corner in its place.

Oh, and if the word shinai sounds familiar, it’s because the plant hanger is named after the weapon used in kendo practice that is made out of bamboo slats held at each end.

You can purchase the Shinai plant hanger straight from the studio, from select European retailers, or via Etsy. For more fun sustainably-made products from Miwitipee, make sure you follow them on Instagram.

All photos via Miwitipee.

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